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The ChilliPix Photographer factory was established in 2012 with the concept of producing photographers from hobbyist to professional!

Today we are proud so say that we got many photographers off their feet from being desperate house wives to trading professionals. We have also helped many photographers to improve their businesses to make a success! At this stage we are hosting 3 different photography courses.

Our beginner course is the basic photography course which is a very fun, laid back practical and theoretical course that runs over 4 evening sessions. Then we have a basic studio course, covering all the essentials needed to start up a studio photography business. Then our advanced photography course comes in the form of a 4 full day wedding workshop.

The courses are designed for the everyday photographer that wants to learn more. You will learn everything in terms of terminology, equipment, techniques and skills needed to do the job!


Why do your course with ChilliPix? What makes our courses different?

If you are as crazy about photography as we are, then you need to come to a place where we can harvest your energy, enthusiasm and creativity to create an explosion of passion!

You will not stop laughing once with our fun interactive classes! Your hosts Eugene and Charlotte Nagel are both Award Winning International Photographers that will entertain and teach you in their way of unique thinking! With many years of experience in different fields of photography and equipment, there is nothing you can’t learn from these 2!

Our training facility at our Studios is very laid back and homely to make your experience much more relaxing and to inspire your creative thinking!

Our studio and wedding courses are business based, so besides all the amazing new photographic knowledge and skills you will acquire, you will also get some useful insights on photography as a business. You will gain valuable info needed to start up and make a success of your business!

ChilliPix is also has a retail department. You can purchase just about anything photography or Video related that your hear desires at amazing prices!

All students receive a certificate of completion at the end of each course.

So there you go… you can now try think of a reason why not to?


Please e-mail us if you would like to book or enquire more: info@chillipix.co.za