ChilliPix PhotoBombBooth

The Chillipix PhotoBombBooth is the best entertainment for weddings, Parties and Corporate Functions! There is nothing better! The ChilliPix Photo Booth is the 1st and only of it’s kind in SA to have a sound system and disco lights. The design is also very modern and robust… I would survive a small Zombie invasion! They can take up to 8 people comfortably, but our corporate record is 19 people in the booth, which is held by Biggen Africa! Our booths are all kitted with a wide range of fun and hygienic props. We also offer hygiene caps for the wigs. Then part of this amazing booth comes a fun and crazy operator to make sure your guests are having the time of their lives! Don’t hesitate to book this amazing Photo Booth for your wedding!

Also a 1st in SA is the SloMo Video Booth! This creates endless laughter and fun as we film your guest going crazy with confetti, streamers, party poppers, sparklers etc. at 400 frames per second! We then play it back to see just how ridiculous they look! This is ideal for weddings and Parties with guests not exceeding more than 120! Your operator will guide and direct your guests during their 5 sec of fame! All consumables are provided! You will then get a video with all the amazing clips of your guest in slow motion! Its so much fun!!!