ChilliPix offers the most unique service ever seen! This mean team of International Award Winning Wedding Photographers guarantees you the most amazing experience on your wedding day! With a great sense of humor, professional 5 star service, Spectacular images that will blow your mind away and unique albums that is of the highest quality… we will make your wedding feel like it was more than just another day! It is a celebration of once in a lifetime emotions into images that will last you forever more! That is what we do! We really get into your wedding! Not as an outsider, but as a guest with a camera. We also have a dedicated team of Videographers filming your day in a cinematic style making your day look like a movie! Then, probably the best thing since ipads and selfie sticks, we have the best photobooth in SA! The 1st and only photobooth to incorporate a sound systema and disco lights! What a party! You simply can’t afford NOT to have one at your wedding! The booth will entertain your guests so you can relax on your couple shoot and enjoy your day!

Loads of Humor, Stress relieving, mingling with your guests, dancing etc… these are just a few things that we do to get everyone relaxed in front of the lens to capture REAL moments! We are not suppliers at your wedding… we are potential Facebook friends + we love to braai!

We pride ourselves in using only the best and latest in Nikon camera technology. We have enough back up gear to shoot a wedding in Afghanistan and we take extreme care with your photos after the wedding. Our camera technology allows us to shoot your photos onto 2 memory cards, ensuring we do not lose any images if a memory card crashes. Your images gets backed up onto 3 different types of media and will be stored in 2 locations. The best part… we will have your album design (for your approval) and all your images on DVDs ready for collection before you are back from honeymoon! Yes, we will have all your images ready within 2 weeks after the wedding! This is the fastest service in SA! So as much as we are playful full of humor, we also take our work and quality standards very serious!

ChilliPix was established in 2008 and we have since then shot more than 150 weddings. We are proud to be specialists in various fields of photography as we feel that it makes us more versatile and experienced, adding more value to your wedding day. From that we have a 100% record for happy brides! We even have all of their details if you would like to phone for references! ChilliPix has won the award for best Wedding Photographer in SA in 2012 and achieved 2nd Place in 2013. ChilliPix also won the award for best wedding albums in 2013 with a 3rd Place for best wedding videos. Eugene & Charlotte has done numerous weddings all over SA and Africa and has also gone as far as the USA. ChilliPix is the fun and funky company that is well know for “different” weddings, sliding away from the old school boring wedding portraits. We really add a fun factor to your day while still maintaining the elegance and style of your glamorous day.

Trust ChilliPix with your special day and always look back at your wedding with a smile!