Commercial & Advertising

How do customers see your business? It’s important that the company’s image portrays the true essence of your business! A Customer’s 1st impression is either experienced through an advert on a billboard or magazine, or on your website or at your offices. You have to ensure that all of these areas are visually up to standard with what your clients’ expectancies are.

Trust us to create something completely unique, out of the box and relevant for your company!

At ChilliPix we can help you with many of these aspects as we specialize in the following areas:

  1. Advertising – Concepts + Photography + Design + Print
  2. Corporate Profile Shots
  3. Operations & Product Photography
  4. Customized Images for your offices
  5. Interior and Architecture Shots
  6. Aerial Photography
  7. Wallpaper Design
  8. Promotional Videos
  9. Corporate Identity Design
  10. Professional Studio Photography

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