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This successful company was started in 2005 trading as e_photography by 19yr old Eugene Nagel, who had done photography courses and more practical photography for 3 yrs at that time. Eugene started the concept of on-site printing in 2004 with sport events which later moved on to bigger things…

Later he moved to work in the photographic retail world, broadening his skills and knowledge on Photography!  This was a serious sideline hobby for Eugene which developed into a full time passion in 2008 when ChilliPix was established.

Since then the company has grown to be one of the largest on-site printing companies in SA, covering large scale events and corporate functions. Combining a great unique service with the latest technology and an excellent quality product, ChilliPix soon became a household name in the Photographic industry.

In 2006, Eugene developed a new product that changed the way that photographers would shoot in studio. It was the ChilliPix Professional White PVC Backdrops. This new backdrop, that replaced the old wrinkled cloth and the ever so expensive paper backdrops, became an extremely large part of the ChilliPix brand. Today over a 1500 studios are equipped with the Pro White ChilliPix PVC backdrops all over SA and international.

ChilliPix is probably the most diverse and innovative photographic company in S.A specializing in Weddings, Automotive- Sport-, Food-, Corporate and Product Photography etc! Travelling all over S.A and International, ChilliPix has made a big waves in a very short time!

In 2010,The concept came in: We really get into your wedding..and boy do they just do that! Eugene entered the wedding industry with a bang and became known as the guy in a dress. This was a result from his humorous adverts posing in a wedding dress. Funny, but not very sexy! Eugene went on to win the Wedding Photographer of the year award in 2012, awarded by ABIA (African Bridal Industry Academy)

Also in 2012 and things are looking even better! ChilliPix made a great success to date, having served more than over 100 Happy Brides and Grooms, many big corporate names, the sports industry, the comedy crowd and many photographers. They decided to adopted another family member. They are proud to announce that after looking far and wide (we even went to the gutters), for the one crazy individual that would have to play the vital role as Designer in the ChilliPix Team… we found Gerhard du Plessis.

Also on an exciting note, ChilliPix has ventured into a new avenue with it’s sister company Hotlens. The Photographer Factory is an Academy where Eugene and Neil takes you into the real world of practical professional photography. a Variety of courses that will change your life!

2013 – Charlotte Booyens joined the team as Eugene’s 2nd Shooter and Social Media Manager. This year ChilliPix won 2nd Place as Wedding Photographer of the year and also Won 1st place for Best Wedding Albums. ChilliPix also gave birth to Chilli-RSVP. This is digital invites for Weddings or functions. It was our newest baby until the birth of another business in the ChilliPix Brand…The PhotoBombBooth…The most fun and exciting photo booth concept ever to hit the industry! As a surprise, we build a 2nd photobooth due to popular demand. We now have build up a fleet of 2 vehicles in 1 year. These vehicles are specialised for the photo booths! In this year ChilliPix did their 1st international wedding in the United states of America. This was for sure the highlight of 2013 as Eugene himself got engaged to Charlotte Booyens. BEST DAY EVER!!!!

After all the years of consideration and research, ChilliPix started working on some video projects. Another Highlight, ChilliPix was the official food photographers for the all new tv series Chopped South Africa. The series was screened on channel 175 on the Food network. ChilliPix also does food photography for Ocean Basket, Jb’s corner, The Meat Co, Jb Rivers, Piatto and 34degrees south in Knysna. ChilliPix is also the official photographer for SA’s top Sushi Master Chef Henny.

2014 – It will be so hard to top 2013 as it was one of our most spectacular years in business. We are proud to announce our entrance into the videography industry trading as ChilliWood! We are going to specialise in Corporate and Weddings. Further…there is speculation and rumors that ChilliPix are launching a brand new booth concept in 2014.

Okay, so we got bored…we are now the proud owners of an Epson 9890 Large format printer and a few other cool machines that print on stuff… Yes, that is right! We now have a new division ChilliPress, run by my dad Johan Nagel. We can now do all our printing in-house as well as serve other photographers and clients. We do canvas prints, mugs, mouse pads, t-shirts, you name it!

ChilliPix is a dedicated team of passionate individuals with a common interest of photography, Video, art, humor, good service, business and people. Your images are created by years of experience, knowledge and creativeness harvested from an extreme passion for people and imaging. You can surely keep this name in the back of your mind as they are slowly taking over the world. Watch out Sir Richard Brandson.